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Sometimes in business it is necessary to make tough decisions including terminating employment of an employee. We as a company must always do what is in the best interest of our hotels and our employees and sometimes that means allowing someone new to lead the hotels to improve revenues and to ensure the other employees do not suffer by losing hours when guests do not come stay. We are sincerely sorry if you believe that the termiation was done for any other reason than that the job performance was lacking.

DMC Hotels DBA Dhillon Management in Frisco, Texas ripped me off.They rip off everyone.

They set up accounts with vendors and never pay them! They have to switch from vendor to vendor with the intention of never paying a single dime.

I feel sorry for their employees. Bounced checks and a bad company.

Jag Dhillon is the owner. Scott Nadel also. They will both steal from you if they get a chance.

The accounts payable woman will ignore you till the end of time!

Stay away from the company.Google Jag Dhillon to find out the other companies he is associated with or you will get burned!

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Plano, Texas, United States #691757

DMC is undergoing extreme fake makeover to make vendors fool again into believing that this w_hore is virgin again.HA HA HA.

Advice from the wise guy. The whole organization engages in fraud-financial and moral. An advice to the ladies working there.

Do not be alone with the thief in chief Jag as you risk being violated between the legs.Keep counting the number of hotels Dhillon Crime Family has taken to bankruptcy.

Amity, Arkansas, United States #579852

If any of the employees working under these thieves have been sexually harassed, molested, threatened, or pressured to compromise their modesty, please call ACASA Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault, 215 N.East Avenue, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701, Phone 479-527-0900, Fax 479-527-0902,.

There have been reported incidents in other states also where they have properties that women have been subjected to indecent proposals and pressures. These thieves understand that it is very difficult to take these cases to civil courts. now take them to Sheriffs office. Office of Victims of Crime (OVC) provides financial assistance.

You may apply by calling OVC Victim Assistance for Arkansas Phone: 501-683-1685, and OVC Victim Compensation for Arkansas

Phone: 501-682-1020 or 1-800-488-3014.You may be helping some other employee from sexual predators by taking the correct action

to Castrator #631767

These people are the lowest of the low.They break every law in the book, breaking into other companies email accounts, writing fake reviews on other hotels and so much more.

The latest monster in this organized crime family is Maritza Santos.

She is an active participant in all of the companies wrongdoings.Anyone who stays at their hotels including the Holiday Inn Express in Sherman is subject to having their info stolen and all of the fraud techniques this company uses.

to Castrator #631772

These people should all be arrested.People are rewarded for breaking laws at this company.

They actively participate in fraud. The Holiday Inn Express in Sherman is a hotel known for pulling insurance scams and is still involved in bankruptcy.

Checks to their employees and vendors bounce if they are ever presented and are never made good.So many things pending againts them...stay at your own risk.

to Castrator #631777

My friend stayed at their hotel and he said he paid cash but put up a credit card for other extra charges.He said they billed his card $550 anyway for the room and no one will explain where his money is.

He has a receipt for the payment but no one will help him.Do not stay here, the Holiday Inn Express in Sherman will get you!


They got kicked out of frisco, because they broke the bank that lent them the money.These are equal opportunity thieves-they rip big and small, black and white equally.

Now they want to stop the people from speaking out truth. Texas antislapping law is the best.

Take these to cleaners if anybody is thratend from speaking out truth.Not only these thieves will have to pay thru their nose, it will be an opportunity to bring the frauds out in public.


It is good to see these leeches being taken to court.But Jag has the strategy to drag on the cases untill you give up.

DOn't give up. Three cases involing more than a dozen victims of Dhillon Crime Family have already gone to courts. One was in Dallas, one in Colorado and one in California. There is a lot of incriminatinmg stuff with these attorneys.

I found out during my investigation that Beckham group of Dallas has tons of stuff on Jag and has family including very incriminating communication between Jag and his so called lawyer in which Jag asks his "lawyer" to doctor the document. There is also documents of fradulent bank loans, use of Jag staff in committing the thefts and secret bank accounts, alleged fradument loan applications for bank loan from One World Bank.

Any body going after the Dhillon crime family should vleverage all the dirt that already exists.Take these bast*ards to jail, not just civil court


There is a new case of fraud filed against the dhillons aka Thieves. Dallas court case number DC1213163


Whistleblowers who provide information about tax fraud or tax underpayments to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will get a bigger reward as a result of a recent law passed by Congress.

The whistleblower reward section of the Tax Relief and Health Act of 2006 is modeled after the reward section of the False Claim’s Act qui tam provisions.

What whistleblowers who report tax fraud can expect

The new tax fraud whistleblower law establishes certain provisions regarding whistleblowers who provide the IRS with information about tax fraud or tax underpayments:

Whistleblowers may receive a reward of 15 percent to 30 percent of the amount the IRS collects as a result of information about tax fraud provided to the IRS.


Last year the Texas legislature enacted one of the country's strongest statutes aimed at protecting freedom of speech from frivolous lawsuits. The Citizens Participation Act, which took effect a year ago yesterday, allows defendants to quickly challenge speech-related tort claims before discovery begins and automatically recover legal fees and costs.

These suits are commonly referred to as “strategic lawsuits against public participation,” or “SLAPP.”

Even though Texas was the 28th state to pass an anti-SLAPP statute, it is one of only a handful of states where the law covers statements made outside the governmental setting.

The Texas anti-SLAPP statute is specifically designed to encourage “citizen participation,” which includes “commenting on the quality of business.”

When confronted with a SLAPP suit, a defendant is provided a mechanism by which to have the lawsuit dismissed early to avoid time-consuming and expensive litigation. Also, he plaintiffs made o pay legal costs.

The Texas Citizens Participation Act was signed into law, effective immediately, on June 17, 2011.

If you have been threatened with a suit while exercising your First Amendment Rights, like participating in blogs etc, be sure to tell your attorney about this new law.

Not only the


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